Meatfare 2023 is upon us and you are invited to join us for an after-liturgy celebration of your favorite Pre-Lenten foods this Sunday, February 19 in Irvona!

If you are planning on bringing something to share at the MEAT FAIRplease sign up using this sign-up form. (If you need to request edit access, tap/click on the button in the upper-right hand corner of the browser window that opens.) Thank you in advance for your contributions! And please, even if you cannot bring anything, be sure to come up to St. Michael’s Hall after the Prayers of Thanksgiving. There’s always enough food for everyone. 

In addition, please pray for our contractors and parishioner volunteers who are diligently working each night to renovate our temple in Madera. If you have availability in the evenings between now and the beginning of Lent, consider reaching out to Greg Sidorick or Nick Sidorick to see if an extra pair of hands may be needed. Also, regularly check your email and/or the website for updates on service locations as Great Lent draws near.